Television-suitable lighting in the chamber of the Federal State Parliament of Thuringia


Requirements to be fulfilled by the lighting system

In order to guarantee a television-suitable lighting, a sufficiently high lighting level as well as a well-balanced ratio of horizontal to vertical illuminance are extremely important. These factors are decisive for obtaining good-quality, crisp and shadowless camera images presen­ting an excellent colour rendering and brilliance during broadcast.

Furthermore, the members of the parliament need to be provided with a pleasant, nearly glare-free lighting of their workplaces tailored to the tasks to be carried out to guarantee efficient working free of signs of fatigue. Here, special importance is attached to the good recognition of the speaker's face especially in the near area around the lectern.

The lighting system in the chamber should also provide a sufficiently high and relatively even luminous intensity distribution in the area of the seats of the members of the parliament so as to allow them to do carry out their tasks efficiently.

During the realisation of the required light parameters, however, another aspect had to be taken into account as well. The architec­tural design of the chamber was not allowed to be affected too much. Therefore, only well selected luminaires were used.
plenar hall



On the basis of some rough details of the spatial layout and the arrangement of the seats in the chamber, a modelling was carried out employing the reflector lamps and luminaires already in use. In order to guarantee a television-suitable lighting, various situations were calculated and evaluated. Some of the existing luminaires were adapted, and some others were replaced with new devices providing a well-defined luminous intensity distribution. At the same time, some additional reflector lamps were integrated into the ceiling. Some of the results obtained are summarized in the following file.


Images for the implementation of the lighting

In the following, some single images of the plenar hall of the Federal State Parliament of Thuringia are specified which were taken during our work for the realized lighting solution.
View from the lectern to the seats of the members of the parliament.
seat 1 seat 2
View to the right-hand and the middle balcony and to some seats of the members of the parliament.
right-hand balcony middle balcony
View to part of the ceiling lights.