Sun simulator for the optical, energetic and spectral simulation of the sun



A sun simulator has been realised in order to achieve the irradiation of objects comparable to the direct insolation. The primary require­ments to be fulfilled are the optical and energetic simulation of the sun, i.e. the divergence of the beam of ≤ 1°, the variability of the irradiation direction with fixed object position of ± 90° as well as an irradiance of 1000 W/m². The secondary objectives are the spectral adaptation and a homogeneous irradiance distribution.

The sun simulator consists basically of a base rack with a swivel arm, the optical system and a lamp housing with a ballast. The manually operated swivel arm allows an individual setting of the irradiation angle.
The lamp housing and the ballast were both made by the LEJ company in Jena.

The optical system is composed of single lenses and mechanical or also optical filters which permit the radiation spectrum of the simu­lator to be adapted to the sun.
design model sun simulator



The sun simulator presents the following mechanical, electrical, optical or also radiation-engineering parameters:
Footprint / Working area: 2.2x0.7 m / 2.5x2.5 m
Weight: approx. 300 kg
Electrical connected loads: 220...240 V AC, 50...60 Hz
Rated capacity: 2100 W max.
Protection class: IP20 EN60529
Radiation source: XBO short arc lamp (1600W)
Irradiance: ≤ 1000 W/m²
Spectral range: 320...3200 nm
Spectral adaptation: AM1.5
Range of the angular adjustment
of the swivel arm:
± 90°
Divergence: <1°
Diameter of the irradiated area: approx. 140 mm
Uniformity ratio: ≥ 70% (Ø approx. 140 mm)
≥ 80% (Ø approx. 90 mm)
≥ 90% (Ø approx. 55 mm)
Dimming: + approx. 40% - 100%
+ spectrally non selective
The parameters can also be adapted to a certain extent to your specific task settings.

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Pictures of Sun simulator

Side view with device being switched on and test object
side view sun simulator

Swivel arm in inclined position with lamp being switched on
swivel arm

View of the Xenon short arc lamp and the front lenses