We are able to carry out the following measurements in the laboratory just as on the spot:

  • measurements on LEDs, lamps and luminaires

    • experience in the measurement of standard LEDs and SRDs (superradiant diodes) as well as of general-lighting service lamps and special lamps of different types in the visible, UV and near infrared spectral range
    • measurement/setting up of spatial ray models in the near field for precise optical calculations (e.g. in ASAP, SPEOS, Lighttools, OSLO, Code V and other things)
    • photometric measurements (determination of the luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution (far field-LVK) of Eulumdat format, and other things)
    • determination of spectral quantities
    • determination of the efficiency ratio

  • spatially resolved luminance distribution on lamps, luminaires (e.g. emergency- and exit signs) in any environment (day/night measurements in the interior and exterior area as well as in the passenger compartment)
  • illuminance distribution (interior and exterior lighting systems)
  • irradiance (technical illumination installations, climatic weathering chambers, sun simulation)
  • determination of the spectral composition of optical radiation – spectral measurements (UV, visible and near infrared range), calculation of derived quantities (spectral locus, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index)
  • determination of physical indices (integral and spectral transmission, reflection and absorption coefficients, determination of directional and diffuse portions)
  • thermography measurements – spatially resolved, non-contacting measurement of surface temperatures, e.g. thermography on LED modules (thermal management), technical installations
  • Illumination evaluation of workplaces, office workplaces and workstations according to DIN EN 12464, glare evaluation (UGR)
  • daylight measurements (museum, exhibition area)
    according to CIE 157
  • measurement and evaluation of outdoor installations (traffic roads, pedestrian zones, sports complexes, tunnels)